Lisa Feng

Green State

Green State is a cannabis news website from the San Francisco Chronicle. Proposition 64, which is the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, was passed a little over a year ago, and because of that, the SF Chronicle wanted to reach and serve existing cannabis users, but also attract new users and curious folks. They wanted to use strong journalism and also expand the SF Chronicle footprint. This show the process of creating the brand identity, which moves away from alarmist, cluttered-looking news sites that gave off a mechanical or clinical feel seen in competitors. We also created sketches, wireframes and explored visuals that ultimately led to the live site, Green State.

001 Cover.jpg
003 Mission.jpg
004 Brand Strat.jpg
014 Brand Attributes.jpg
015 Mood Board.jpg
016 Prelim Logos.jpg
017 Final Logo.jpg
018 Logos Social.jpg
020 Sitemap.jpg
021 Sketches.jpg
022 Sketches.jpg
023 Wires Desktop.jpg
024 Wires Mobile.jpg
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